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War of angels is a fantasy massively multiplayer online game
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War of angels is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is heavily anime influenced, both with animations and artwork in general. Unlike other games it has a system that will ultimately allow you to be good or evil. Most quests can be done in an evil manner, or a good one. Since the game doesn't have two opposing factions right from the beginning, this is the developer's way of separating people for PvP. This is rarely seen in online games and I really like this feature.

Firstly when you open the game you'll need to create a character. The creation process is fairly limited. At first you will choose between 4 classes, each with two genders, and each with their own weapons/armors/spells. After that, you can customize the character by choosing between a number preset options.

After all that is done, your character will enter the world. They all start in the same point, it doesn't matter what class you've chosen. You can choose to make a small tutorial that will explain the very basics of the game mechanics. After this I took some quests from the city and went off to fight some monsters. I realized right away that leveling up is very time-consuming. A lot of grinding is required to advance through the levels.

The mechanics are similar to every other game of the same type. You can play it exclusively with the mouse if you want, or you can use the keyboard also. To attack you first have to select a unit, and click it again. Moving while attacking can offer some advantages. You can do more damage if you attack from behind, you can dodge if you move away from the attacks etc.

Overall I liked War Of Angels with its good/evil system and fun animations, it does have some flaws, but they are easily compensated for.

Dennis Niels
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  • Nice graphics and animations
  • Easy to play
  • Nice artwork


  • The character creation process is limited
  • Relatively few online players
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